We believe protecting children is a justice issue. 


The Ray  strives to be a progressive Christian church. What does that mean? Our love of God is always linked with love of our neighbor, along with a passion for justice and a healed world. We teach and express our love through our vibrant worship services, our committed discipleship, and our active community outreach. 

Ray of Hope is a s a community church, a branch of the Body of Christ, interdenominational in fellowship, not bound by any denominational creed, yet respectful of many Christian traditions.  We teach and preach God's redeeming love as revealed in God's word. We believe in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We welcome the Holy Spirit in our lives as the Counselor of Truth, our Help in need, and the One who fills us with the Spirit of God.


We believe we are called as Christians to heal broken people but also to do our part as Christ followers to help heal a broken world.  Preaching good news to the poor and the lost is core.  But following in Jesus' footsteps according to Luke 4:18 requires the Church also to involve itself in work that help “set the oppressed free.” We don't just preach liberation, the Church must do justice. Preach. Teach. Share. Protect. Advocate for. Expose. Critique. Repair. Restore. Re-vision. 

Don’t be fooled by the media, or by your Facebook feed, or by fanatics with hateful words on signs who claim to speak on God's behalf.

We are committed at Ray of Hope to creating a community of grace where you feel completely welcome-—regardless of age, status or economic condition, race, color, or sexual orientation-—in your spiritual journey. We find all people to be of sacred worth and welcome everyone who comes here seeking the love of God. Following the example of Jesus, we will know no circles of exclusion, and work to become a witness of love and peace for all.


Ray of Hope is not a perfect church.  We do not always get it right. We do not all agree on what needs to be done and how to get it done.  But that doesn't keep us from trying. We keep Hoping. We keep working to be a saving community the young will be proud to claim as their inheritance and home, and a church Christ will recognize as His own upon His Return.

You are Welcome Here.

Pastors and the Ray of Hope Congregation.